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Never Discontinued

We never discontinue our products

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Your club identity is important. It's what sets you apart. That's why we'll never discontinue a kit. We've helped hundreds of clubs overcome this problem; here's how we're different...

How most brands work

Typically kit manufacturers have a 'catalogue period' of 2 years, during which time a small selection of designs and colours are mass produced and kept in stock by distributors.

At the end of the catalogue period (often sooner for unpopular designs) our competitors discontinue the stock.

How this effects your club

Once a supplier withdraws an item, clubs are faced with a difficult decision; compromise the club identity or waste money replacing more kit than is necessary.

With 15 years experience of manufacturing custom made sports kits, we've seen it all; the same football team playing in 3 different kits certainly doesn't help create a club identity. At Zapkam we often hear the following:

 - "We have 3 new players this year, but our supplier has changed their designs. We're either going to have to replace the whole kit or have some players wearing different kits to the rest."

 - "Our club has 8 football teams and we manage to get sponsors for 4 kits a year. This year our supplier discontinued our kit and so half the club isn't matching. It looks really unprofessional."

The Zapkam Difference

We have made it our goal to solve the problems our customers experience! That's why every single one of our sports kits is custom made. This means:

 - We never discontinue a kit. If you ordered 5 years ago; no problem! We can manufacture another one meaning your club identity is preserved.

 - We encourage bold designs and colours. Where other suppliers discontinue uncommon designs, we encourage them. Our motto is 'any design, any colour'. Challenge us to create your dream kit.

By using Zapkam you will no longer be faced with the dilemma 'compromise the club identity' or 'waste money replacing more kit than is necessary'.

Club Benefits

At Zapkam we have created the following services to make ordering club kit even easier:

 - Our online club shop is an easy to use 'one stop shop' where club kit and team wear can be purchased. Players and team managers can purchase directly making the role of 'kit manager' far easier - much to the relief of overworked committee members and volunteers!

 - Our size sample service allows clubs to borrow sizes to try on before ordering.

 - We don't have a minimum re-order quantity. If you have 3 new players you can easily order just 3 new sets.


For more information, request a call back or design your dream kit in 3D today!

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