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About Zapkam

About Zapkam

Zapkam was originally founded by William Pedrick with the aim to provide high quality sports wear at a fair price. William founded the company as a result of buying a pair of goalkeeper gloves for over £50.00, which used up all of his Birthday money at nine years old. The gloves fell apart after the first use but both the brand and the retailer, from which he had purchased them, refused to replace the gloves. Zapkam now has a massive product range of clothing and equipment stretching across many sports. The company has become a specialist at manufacturing custom made sports kits, in virtually any colour scheme and design imaginable. Amazingly, unlike so many other brands, Zapkam never discontinues its sports kit designs, so your organisation can create its own identity. If you regularly check our website, there are continuous developments and improvements being made to our product range and even the website itself.

The Zapkam Difference

We have made it our goal to solve the problems our customers experience! That's why every single one of our sports kits is custom made. This means:

 - We never discontinue a kit. If you ordered 5 years ago; no problem! We can manufacture another one meaning your club identity is preserved.

 - We encourage bold designs and colours. Where other suppliers discontinue uncommon designs, we encourage them. Our motto is 'any design, any colour'. Challenge us to create your dream kit.

By using Zapkam you will no longer be faced with the dilemma 'compromise the club identity' or 'waste money replacing more kit than is necessary'.

Design your dream kit

Our free online 3D kit designer allows you to not only design your dream kit designs, but to easily add logos, numbers, names and initials before ordering online. Have a go at designing one today...

View our range of different sports kits

Our massive range of different sports kit and team wear means that we can manufacture virtually any garment. Have a look at our range of sports and design an item using our online 3D kit designer.

A hassle free online shop for your club kit

Stop wasting your time collecting money and collating size lists. Let your players and parents order, pay and have their items delivered directly from Zapkam.

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3D Kit Designer

Customise the colour of your kit then add logos, numbers, names and initials in few easy steps. Choose your sport or team wear item and start designing your dream kit today.

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