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Setup an Online Shop for Your Club

Why your club needs an online shop

Club officials have a lot on their plate. The last job you want to add to your list is treasurer and kit manager. Our club shop system helps reduce the workload for managers and committee members ordering kit, often to the point that the club ‘kit manager’ becomes redundant.

The online shop system was designed to avoid wasted time spent on collating sizes and collecting money. Once and for all, team managers and club officials will not be left out of pocket by disorganised players or parents.

 - An online shop of your club’s unique kit and team wear.

 - Available to order anytime.

 - Payment made directly to Zapkam.

 - Delivered directly to the player.

Enhance your club brand

Enhance your club brand

Your kit is your club brand. The reason that you want every team in your club to be uniformed is because otherwise they could belong to any other club.

The online club shop is a fantastic way of showcasing your amazing range of match kits and team wear.

Not only does it make the kit manager’s job far easier, but it also helps to create an amazing identity for your club.

Consistent club identity

Your club’s identity is what sets you apart from the club down the road.

At end of season tournaments you want to be able to recognise teams, which are part of your club. By manufacturing your custom made designs to order, season after season, your club designs will look the same.

Remember, Zapkam never discontinues a design!

Financial sense

Financial sense

Unless your club is very well off, the chances are you won’t have money available to tie-up in unnecessary stock. Even the most brilliant purchasers can end up with sizes in items that they cannot sell.

A small percentage of players and parents will be disorganised when it comes to paying for kit you have kindly ordered for them.

This can leave the club or even you personally out of pocket, when they do not stump up the cash.

The online club shop takes payment directly from the player or parent and we even deliver the items so that you don’t have to get involved with any order queries.

Save volunteer time

Was ordering your player’s kit the last thing you expected to do when you volunteered to coach the team? Unfortunately for many clubs it is expected as part of the ‘coach’ role.

The reality is that it’s not why you signed up to coach the team. That is why our online shop system cuts out the hassle of coaches collecting money, collating sizes and placing kit orders.

Simply send your players or parents a link to the online club shop and let them get on with it.

Bundles of kit

Bundles of kit

Also known to many as ‘stash’, bundles of kit are an easy way of getting your players and parents to order a specific pack of kit without being able to get confused.

Used by universities, colleges and more serious sports teams, bundles are a great way of offering specific items, which are a ‘must-have’ to play.

Besides the easy ordering, we also offer great deals on bundles ordered online with discounts of up to 25% and free embroidery or printing. Get in touch with us on 03300 249110 to find out more.

Never discontinued

Don’t become the club that has 3 players on the same team in different kits.

If you want a club identity, then a custom made kit is the best option. Once a supplier withdraws an item, clubs are faced with a difficult decision; compromise the club identity or waste money replacing more kit than is necessary. If you ordered 5 years ago, we can still make it today.

It’s not a problem for us! We can simply manufacture another one meaning that your club identity is maintained. By using Zapkam you will no longer be faced with the dilemma 'compromise the club identity' or 'waste money replacing more kit than is necessary'.

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