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Personalised Hockey Kit

Hockey is a game that requires physical strength and fitness, ball skills and excellent hand-eye coordination which makes it one of the most technical sports in the world.

The game dates back to ancient times with references to a similar game in both Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek carvings and literature; it is also thought that modern day hockey is a derivative of Irish hurling, which dates as far back as 1300 BC in Ireland.

The game has three main formats, although each format has the same aim of the game: place a projectile into the opposition team's goal. Each format is popular in a different locale within the world. The most popular format in Europe is field hockey which is often played on grass or artificial turf pitches, where the projectile is a small, hard ball and the sticks are J-shaped with a hook on one end.

As well as field hockey there is also ice hockey, which is massively popular in Northern America, being Canada's national sport. Ice hockey, and it's less popular cousin bandy hockey which is played professionally in Russia and Sweden.

Our personalised hockey kit is ideal for field hockey teams who want to appear more professional, with a range of teamwear including tracksuits, hoodys and jackets to compliment the actual playing kit; all in your chosen colour scheme and design.

Our hockey kit can be designed with bold colours to really make your team stand out as a unit, whether you're taking part in a competition or training.

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