How to Order Guide | Best Practices When Ordering

Current average lead time = 5 weeks  |  Visits to our showroom are strictly by appointment

How to Order Guide


Step 1: Logo Artwork

Once you have designed your dream kit using our 3D kit designer, you will need to provide us with the logo artwork you wish to use on the garments.


Please click here to read the guide about how to send logo artwork to us in the correct format.


Please click here to watch what the difference is between a rasterised image and a vectorised image, for printed logos.


We can then send you a 3D mock-up of your design with your logos on and an itemised quotation, to show to prospective sponsors and team mates.



Step 2: Size Samples and Colour Swatches

Once your design is set, you will need to order size samples and colour swatches:


Our fantastic size sample service allows you to try items on before ordering, to ensure best fit. Please click here to read more about this service.


When ordering size samples, be sure to order a sublimation swatch sheet, with the 50 colour swatches that we offer across our sublimated range.


This colour sheet is important to refer to, when approving your order and logo artwork.


Step 3: Placing Your Order

If you have been sent a quotation, please add sizes to your quotation and place your order online. Watch a video on how to do this here.

If you have ordered before, please use the re-order button and place your order online. Watch a video on how to do this here.

If you cannot do either of the above, but are ready to place your order, please e-mail the following information to


1. Your full name, telephone number, billing address and delivery address.

2. The age group that you are ordering for.

3. A list of items required, stating the product name along with the either the quotation number, club shop name or design ID.

4. Any logo artwork required and the position that they need to be applied, for example 'Stonehouse Town FC' logo to be sublimation printed on the left breast. Please click here to view instructions about how to send your logo artwork.

5. Any numbers, names and initials required and the position that they need to be applied, if they have not already been added to the design.

6. A list of sizes vs. numbers, names and initials for each product.



Step 4: Paying For and Approving Your Order

Before we can start production of your order, you will need to pay for and approve the specification sheet and any new logo artwork:


To watch a video on how to approve or amend your order, please click here.


If you have new logo artwork, you will also be asked to approve this online. This typically is sent through 1-2 working days after your order has been paid for and the specification sheet has been approved.


Once these 3 steps have been completed, we will start production of your order. Our average lead time is 4-5 weeks from this point.


After receiving your order, we can setup an online club shop for your organisation, so that top-ups can easily be ordered online.

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