Washing Instructions | Advice and Precautions

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Washing Instructions

Please follow the washing instructions below:


Turn printed shirts inside out for washing and drying


Wash at 40 degrees


Dry on an airer at room temperature


Use liquid detergent

   Do not

Do not leave dirty kit in kit bag as it will stain, wash kit ASAP after using


Do not tumble dry


Do not dry on a radiator or in direct sunlight


Do not iron

Keep reading for more detailed information about keeping your garments in tip-top condition...

Washing Instructions

Here at Zapkam, we understand that no one wants to step onto the pitch wearing tatty, stained kit – and that no one wants to unnecessarily replace their kit when its original condition can easily be maintained. We’ve compiled the following washing guidelines to ensure that your Zapkam garments last as long as possible and stay looking smart, match after match.



It might be a good idea to assign the task of washing kit to one person to ensure that all kit is kept safe and together. Whether this is a player, a parent or any other willing volunteer, make sure that whoever is tasked with washing any kit whatsoever (including a professional launderer) reads these guidelines.


In addition, make sure that if kit is damaged the coach or manager is informed as soon as possible. The more time they have, the easier it will be for them to find replacement kit before the next match!


General Advice and Precautions

A first wash should be performed on all new kit. Wash shirts, shorts and socks separately to remove surface dye.


Although the last thing you want to do after a tiring match is start doing laundry, you really should aim to wash your kit as soon as possible after use. The sooner your garments are removed from a kit bag the less risk there is of creasing or of stains setting. This allows you to wash on a lower temperature, which means that the kit retains colour for longer and reduces the risk of damage.


Make sure you check the garments’ washing instructions and follow them as closely as possible to avoid damage such as shrinkage or colour runs.


Always try to wash the kit on its own in a separate load; perhaps with tracksuit or training tops if these are of the same colour. If this is not possible, wash garments with similarly coloured items that require the same washing cycle and temperature as the kit. Be especially careful to avoid mixing light and dark colours.


NEVER use bleach or fabric conditioners (these can cause permanent wrinkling).


NEVER boil wash your garments or wash on temperatures above 40 degrees centigrade.


Before Washing

Before washing, aim to manually remove as much mud and grass from your kits as possible. We know it’s a not a very pleasant task, but this minimises damage to the machine and gives better cleaning results.


If the garments are heavily soiled, soak them in cold water for a few hours prior to machine washing.



Make sure you don't overfill the washing machine. Leave surplus items soaking and wash in batches.


Use liquid detergent instead of powdered, as powdered detergents often leave a residue. Use a non-biological detergent (this is particularly important when washing cotton blends). Always follow the detergent manufacturer instructions.


After Washing

Remove the kit from the washing machine and separate items as soon as possible after the wash has finished. This avoids heavy creasing and damage to logos and badges.


Immediately check that all stains have been removed. If they have not, consider treating the garments with a stain remover and wash again. Do not leave stained garments to dry or iron them as this will allow the stain to set into the fabric.



Garments should be dried naturally on a washing line. For an optimum result dry them on separate hangers to eliminate the risk of colour bleeding between items.


ALWAYS hang dry your items inside out, especially if hanging in direct sunlight.


NEVER dry your garments on a radiator – this could lead to damage of logos and shrinkage.


NEVER tumble dry your garments – this could lead to damage of logos and shrinkage.


After Drying

Do not iron your garments. Avoiding additional heat prolongs the colour and reduces the risk of damage to logos.


If you absolutely have to iron the kit then use a cold iron and iron the garments inside-out, avoiding any logos. However, ironing should not be necessary if the previous instructions have been followed.


NEVER iron printed logos

Ironing printed logos, numbers, names or initials will seriously damage the printing and will reduce the life of the garment

Please note that as all washing products and appliances vary, the information above is intended as a guideline only. Zapkam can take no responsibility for any unexpected damage caused to your garments as a result of following these instructions.


If you have any questions or suggestions of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Good luck keeping your Zapkam garments in the tip-top condition they deserve!

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