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Do not be fooled by the price tag on our goalkeeper gloves. Our gloves are manufactured from the finest quality materials.

Unlike many other rival brands, we use genuine fresh German latex.

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Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are important for protecting your hands from contact with the ball, as well as ensuring you are able to grip the ball well enough during the game.

As the only players on the team who are allowed to handle the ball - even if only in their area - the goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the team. Responsible for preventing the other team from scoring any way possible, the goalkeeper needs a good pair of gloves to help them succeed.

Made from latex, foam or plastic goalkeeper gloves are designed to keep the goalkeeper's hands warm and dextrous, give them the ability to grip the ball when catching and prevent them from injuring their hands when stopping strikes.

Goalkeeper gloves aren't all one style, there are several different 'cuts' to them which all have different fits and performance. The most common cut of goalkeeper glove is the hybrid cut which used a flat palm and internal stitching for a snug, comfortable fit combined with roll fingers with small gussets to provide a larger surface area for the latex to grip the ball.

The different styles and cuts of goalkeeper gloves give you plenty of opportunity for matching the gloves with your goalkeeper kit or the colours of your club or school.

As well as goalkeeper gloves we also have a range of glove bags to keep them safe and dry when in your kit bag, and finger spines which will help provide some stability and protection for your finger.

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