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Custom Cricket Trousers

Cricket trousers, like the shirts, have traditionally always been white or off-white and referred to as 'whites' when talking about cricket kit. The white trousers are synonymous with Test and club cricket and are as recognisable symbols of the sport as the bat, ball and wicket keepers gloves.

Since the growth of Twenty20 and One Day International cricket though the use of colour in kits has increased and is now prevalent in today's game. Initially the colours were mainly for national teams to use for these games to make it easier to distinguish from the Test format and for the crowds to recognise teams.

Gradually though, and especially with the advent of the Indian Premier League, the colours have become more vibrant although the traditional whites are still in favour in England at club level unless taking part in a limited overs tournament.

Above all cricket trousers need to be comfortable as they will be worn on long days in the field or batting at the crease, so they shouldn't be too tight fitting or uncomfortable.

Using our kit designer online you can create your ideal custom cricket trousers to match the shirts. The trousers will likely be in a single block colour to match the shirt, but we have designs that allow for more colour to be added such as a stripe down the side to make them a little more exciting.

We will add on the logo and name of the club or team regardless of whether it's a school or associate club and we can also add any sponsors logos to the trousers if necessary.

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