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Goalkeeper Kit

Custom Goalkeeper Kit

The goalkeeper of a football team is the only player on the team who is allowed to wear a different coloured kit to the other players - this is largely to avoid confusion with the referee; the goalkeeper being the only player who is allowed to handle the ball.

The goalkeeper's kit is therefore something which is deserving of a special design of its own, although often they don't differ too much and it is not uncommon to see the same shorts and socks being worn with just a different coloured jersey being the optimal choice for goalies.

Our custom goalkeeper kits allow you to create a unique goalkeeper kit for your school or club team which can be used across all age groups so that all of your club goalkeepers can look the part along with the team. Our custom kit builder online lets you choose from a range of styles and designs, adding your own colours so that they either compliment the outfield players or are completely different.

Whilst many teams choose their club or school colours for outfit kits, the goalkeepers kit is an opportunity to create something different as a unique kit - try reversing the school colours or going with something that creates the most contrast.

Along with these custom goalkeeper kits we also have a selection of sports wear that the entire team can use - the goalkeeper included - to ensure they arrive at training or a tournament in style and the goalkeeper can feel included as part of the team.

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