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Custom Team Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are part of the regular playing kit for many sports, especially field sports such as cricket, golf or bowls and even some court sports such as badminton or tennis.

The name 'polo shirt' comes from the origins of the garment when it was used in polo matches, a game played on horseback made popular by the English aristocracy in the 1800s. The shirt was originally designed with a button-down collar to prevent standard collars from flapping when riding and causing a distraction. 

The garment was adopted by tennis players in the early 20th century but with the button-down collar and has since flourished in the sporting world, being worn in traditional white or cream colours for tennis, cricket and bowls games and introducing bright coloured combinations to the game of golf. 

Even if they aren't used in your sport for matchplay, they are useful team sports wear for any players to have in their kit bag to wear casually when travelling to and from games, or for representing the club in a casual capacity outside the realms of competition, such as at public appearances or commitments outside the sport. Given that, you might be delighted to learn, now you can design your own polo shirt.


We have a range of styles to choose from to help you create your own custom polo shirts, including striped flanks, chevrons, even unique abstract designs that will make you stand out anywhere your team wears them. After you design your own polo shirt by adding the desired colour scheme, which could be simple, traditional in line with the team's history or something new, feel free to add your team’s or club’s logo as well your sponsor’s logo.

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