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Tight Fit Training Bottoms

Custom Training Bottoms

Not your regular tracksuit bottoms, these tight fit training bottoms are designed to be worn as more of a base layer on the legs for training outdoors in colder climates.

Whether you are training outdoors on a playing field or running on the roads in the dark winter evenings, tight fit training bottoms will help you perform even in the coldest and most miserable weather.

They are common amongst professional and semi-professional teams for players to wear when warming up, and you will often see teams completing warmups with tracksuit bottoms and training tops on to keep them warm before the game starts, so as not to lose the benefit of their warm up routine.

As with any team sportswear, the training bottoms are usually designed to be similar to the kit of the club itself, using the same colours or colour scheme and design to make them easily identifiable as part of the team even when training.

We have a wide range of designs to choose from in our online kit designer to help you create perfect custom sportswear for your school, professional team or amateur club. Simply choose the design you like - such as stripes down the outside of the legs - then add your colours to create custom training bottoms for your players.

Once you have chosen the colour scheme and the design we will add the team logo and name on one thigh to make them out as part of the team kit, just as important as shirts, shorts and socks.

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